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Eric Bonillo

Zita Calabri




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Miguel Mari / Ghiis / Braulio Jimenez / Delfin Garay / Chaqueta Piaggio / Val Staccato / Kayra &  Kickin Cans / Angelica Altamirano / Elsa Maria Elejalde / Viva / MARU / Isabel Abenzur / Pamela Herran Ballester / Claudio Montalban / Cezar / Cazual 


We're Thrilled As A Family To Be involved For Over 4 Generations In Show Business. We've Had Provided The Finest Local & International Artists To Thousand's Of Audiences All Over The Globe . With Our Dedicated Altar Global Staff & Artists Conveniently Located In Many Countries @ Mayor Cities, Is Our Commitment To Bring You "The Best". Sign In & Become A Member of Altar Global Club, Get A Chance To Win Tickets At Some Of Our Altar Global Artists Concerts In Your City As Our VIP Guest. Cesar "Mr. Hollywood" Altamirano CEO


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Spelled Moon / Ilan Dvir / Hurrikane/ Siana King / Dirty Pair A-Dice / Jeff Tortora Tinnitus / Systemec / Scott Rowe / Janelle Sadler / Bud Mickle / Tom Garland / Tarah Grace / Anna Saxton / Sin City Kiss / Roy Hamilton Jr. / Winchester Rebels /
Gilby Landin